ALOHA from Hawaii!
Your flowers have arrived from our rainforest to your doorstep in just two days. Your flowers were soaked for a half-hour prior to packing them. Anthuriums (heart shaped flowers) have a long vase life. To make your flowers last for as long as possible, we suggest you soak them to refresh them. Here's how: Fill the bathtub with cool water. Remove the flowers from the shredded paper. Please cut a half-inch off each stem on a diagonal and place them in the bathtub "nose" down. Let them soak for about 20 minutes. Take each one out of the water and arrange your flowers in your favorite vase(s). After a week's time, repeat the trimming of each stem and enjoy your flowers even longer. Keep them free of heat or cold airflows.

with oceans of aloha,

Note: The tall greens are Lauhala. You can add another dimension to your arrangement by tying an overhand knot on the top of the leaf. If you received "parakeets", you can expect them to shed their orange noses gradually. Just toss them into your compost as they fall off. If you received "bird of paradise," you can pluck the "feathers" off as they age. New ones will pop up. We have heard from some of our flower recipients who admitted they did not soak their flowers, but they were wonderful anyways. We're looking to put comments on the website. Would you like to share?

Flowers From Hawai`i
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