Aloha from Hawai`i !
We are working toward self-sustaining farming. We use the sun to power our electrical needs and heat our water. We collect our water from the sky and maintain our own water system. We compost all of our green waste and our horses supply fertilizer to complete the cycle. Our horses provide carrying and pulling power besides being a wonderful pleasure. Reduce, reuse, recycle and restore are the foundation of our business. "We invest in the sun and soil and sweat and the tools that make sweat more productive." --Gene Logsdon, The Contrary Farmer


The Ka’ohe Rainforest has seen some changes. The famous lava of Puna, Hawaii Island, flowed for 32 years toward Kalapana (due west of Ka’ohe) and into the ocean. On June 27th, 2014 the lava changed course. Suddenly it flowed NE, straight toward the ocean, on the opposite side of Kalapana. It moved very, very slowly. July it moved very, very slowly. August proved to break all the lava rules. The lava became a river with more volume and more speed than ever been seen from Pu’u O’o vent. The fast moving lava headed straight NE for Ka'ohe Rainforest Homestead, where Flowers from Hawaii's farm is. The lava flow continued. I wondered if I should change our Lava Flow and Lava Fountain to something less threatening. Ka’ohe residents made evacuation plans. September 6th brought the hot edge of a lava finger one half mile above the beautiful, well loved Flowers from Hawaii Farm.

Everyone was on edge. Ready to move and give the lava all we had worked hard and happy to build over the years. On September 7th the lava turned North and went along the border of Ka’ohe Homestead. We held our breath. The lava zig-zagged, slower now. The lava flowed North paralleling Ka’ohe Homesteads border. It zig-zagged again and again. Everyone was on the pinnacle of the edge. Forest fires were put out by the Ka’ohe Rainforest’s rain and diligent firefighters of Puna

On Setember 15th the lava again went NE missing all Ka’ohe Homestead (and Flowers from Hawaii Farm).  The next town is populated Pahoa and we made National news!   

A corner of Flowers from Hawaii Farm is on the left side, mid picture. A near miss is as good as a half mile! We of Ka’ohe Rainforest Homesteads are humbly sooooooo grateful to be able to grow food and flowers on such a magnificent, magical, memorable piece of Mother Earth.

You can check out the details at Hawaii Volcanoes Observatory website. Tune in anytime. It’s always fascinating to look at the most unique place on the planet where the sun shines, the rain falls, and the flowers grow safely, a half mile from the lava flow. Thank you for taking your time to read about our adventure with lava.

Please think of us for celebrating any occasion with Flowers from Hawaii. Our heart shaped, heart felt flowers are the most unique flowers in all the world, grown safely, a half mile from the lava flow!