5 Benefits of Invisalign Braces

Do you want to have a nice smile, but you find braces unsightly? Are you planning to visit your dentist to get recommendations on how best to align your teeth so they look perfect?

Forget about traditional braces, metal, or ceramic, which are so unsightly, uncomfortable, and painful. Today there is a new and innovative version of these braces: invisible aligners or Invisalign.

Invisalign allows you to follow an orthodontic treatment, without altering your lifestyle.

The benefits of Invisalign braces – which work through transparent aligners that are changed every two weeks – are the following:

1. Aesthetic

This is one of the main reasons why many people choose Invisalign in White Sands over another orthodontic method. In this case, the advantage is clear compared to traditional metal brackets and even sapphire brackets. As the aligners are transparent, no one will notice that you are wearing orthodontic treatment.

2. It is Removable

Even with many other virtues, the fact of being removable is, without a doubt, the most differentiating element that Invisalign has, compared to other orthodontic systems. Patients who choose this system can decide when to put on and when to take off their device. It’s important to note that, for the aligners to have the desired effect, it is necessary to respect the orthodontist’s instructions for use: wear it for about 22 hours a day.

3. Does not Interfere with Speech

Metal braces make you have a bad pronunciation. Invisalign adapts perfectly to your teeth and is much less visible than any other type of orthodontia. Thanks to this, you will adapt much faster to wear the aligners, and it will not affect your speech. Most patients aren’t affected by speech due to treatment with the aligners. However, as with braces, there is an initial adaptation period brought about by wearing something new in your mouth.

4. Comfortable and Hygienic

In addition to the fact that the aligners are transparent, you can take them off with every meal since Invisalign allows you to eat any type of food. You just have to take off your aligners, eat, brush your teeth, and put them back on. Furthermore, it can be cleaned with soap and water. Although any type of brace – whether metallic, sapphire, or lingual – causes some discomfort to the wearer in the form of wounds or sores on the tongue, cheeks, or lip, Invisalign is oblivious to this. This is because the aligners adjust perfectly to the anatomy of your teeth and do not have metallic or protruding elements.

5. Value-for-Money

Most people think that the cost of this treatment is out of their reach, but what they don’t know is that this orthodontic system is good value-for-money.

And it offers an excellent balance between all aesthetic orthodontic treatments that currently exist: it is much more discreet than sapphire braces and considerably cheaper than Incognito lingual orthodontics.

Therefore, the fact that it is such an aesthetic orthodontic method that it can be removed and that it is good value-for-money is what makes it one of the treatments preferred by patients.

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